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LOL: Riot reveals the new battle pass and the result is a great disappointment for the community

League of Legends prepares to receive what was one of the most anticipated novelties by the community. The next event of the Worlds 2022 will bring with it the introduction of the new battle pass model to the Riot Games video game. An addition that will allow us to progress along 50 levels to unlock different rewards in a somewhat more interesting way than until now. However, the community has taken a great disappointment now that the new event has been introduced into the BE and all players can discover the true dimension of novelties.

This is the new League of Legends Event Pass

The most criticized aspect for the community of the new battle pass system is that is only a Format change . Although it is true that players will have access to an additional reward and the new system seems much more intuitive, players have not seen their great concerns resolved. First, accumulating symbols seems to continue demanding a lot of time, which makes it almost impossible to achieve more than the traditional prestige aspect even playing several hours a day. Additionally, complaints with respect to the event store return, which players want to see for a long time.

Besides, the rewards of the new battle pass of League of Legends become monotonous quite fast, with levels that are only there to increase the list up to 50.


Odd levels *: When reaching a level with an odd number we will add to our inventory between 20 and 60 symbols of the event.
Pare levels : The amount of symbols is reduced to 20, adding a reward in the form of emoticon, orange or blue essences. The only exception is level 46, which includes an aspect for the sentries.
Zero level : The levels finished at zero include 80 symbols and an additional great reward in the form of mythical essences or surprise bags.
* LEVELS +50 : We can continue to progress and win 20 symbols per level

The final test of the new event passes, will arrive next Thursday, October 6 . It will be on that date when the 2022 Worlds event will be available on the live servers of League of Legends. At the moment the improvements do not seem to have convinced the community that the thematic celebrations deserve a new opportunity, but surely that all players make our hearts a little softer thanks to additional rewards. We would all like some more deep remodeling, but it seems that we will have to keep waiting.

Reis: I am convinced that we would have done the turnaround

At the start of September 2019, those responsible for the after that second division club VFL Bochum risked to experiment: As a successor to the seasoned Robin Duty, they won Thomas Was, who was unskilled in the elderly sector, from the U 19 of VFL Wolfsburg. Was was as soon as a player in Blau-WeiƟ, then coached the offspring as well as lastly took control of the professionals.

A fairy tale journey followed from the 2nd organization to the Bundesliga. Ever since, 48 victories, 23 draws as well as 38 beats have gathered rice with the Revierclub. Currently, the VFL employers made a decision versus further collaboration – and rice bids farewell to the Bochum followers.

The statement in the phrasing:

We climbed up together, came to the 1st Bundesliga to stay and gave whatever as a group with complete sentence and heart for VFL. In football there is absolutely nothing for life, so it is currently time for me to shut the chapter as an instructor at VFL, however the love of the club remains forever. Thank you.

For me directly, it is not a matter of program to preserve the trust from you after six defeats and that makes me exceptionally pleased. I would have liked to proceed functioning with my team on the turnaround, and I am encouraged that we would have done this with your aid.

A great journey given that 2019 has actually come to an end for me today. I would love to thank Semi ( Sebastian Schindzielorz, until lately handling director of sporting activities at VFL ), that brought me back residence, with my group, with the group and above all at remarkable followers.

11. September 202204: 57 minutes

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We climbed up together, came to the 1st Bundesliga to remain and also provided every little thing as a team with complete sentence and also heart for VFL. In football there is nothing forever, so it is now time for me to close the phase as a trainer at VFL, however the love of the club continues to be permanently.

A fairy tale trip adhered to from the 2nd league to the Bundesliga. Considering that then, 48 triumphs, 23 draws and also 38 beats have accumulated rice with the Revierclub. Now the VFL managers made a decision against further cooperation – and also rice states bye-bye to the Bochum followers.

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