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The manufacturing life of the desert city “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is also a craft, adventure, and battle! However, at the moment, the unstable part is [explosive repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, “I don’t know what kind of game it is!” Therefore, it is this project “ Explosive Play Report *” to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, on May 26, 2022, the developer Pathea Games released early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) “MY TIME AT SANDROCK” ** I would like to deliver the contents of.

What is “Kimi no Town Sandlock”?

Life simulation set in the deserted desert city “Sandrock”. Players will be a rookie builder who has settled in the city, and will revive the city while enjoying various ways of playing, such as craft, agriculture, and interaction with residents.

This work is a sequel to “MY TIME AT Portia” released in 2019 (Steam early access is 2018). Like the previous work, many mysteries, including various technologies, archeological sites, and monsters, are hidden in the world 300 years after the catastrophe is almost lost.

The Kickstarter campaign started on October 26, 2020. It has achieved a target amount in just one day, and ultimately supports about $ 520,000, which is much higher than the $ 100,000 of the target. Various additional content has been determined by stretch goals and Steam Wish List registration campaigns.

In addition, this work was scheduled to launch early access in STEAM in March 2021, but it has been postponed because the license for rating authentication in various places required for online sales will not be issued as expected. It continues to develop with the beta version, and has the background of the early access version released.

Approach the actual content of “Kimi no Town Sandlock”!

First is the character creation. Gender, appearance, voice, etc. can be set, and the appearance can be changed finely in a slider format. The parts can be used regardless of gender, so make your own builder as much as you want.

The game begins with the scene where the hero gets on the train and reaches the sand rock city. At the station, there is “Mian”, the same rookie builder as you, and will guide you to the city. At the entrance of the city, he meets Yang, the head of a commercial guild, and the protagonist will take over the workshop of his predecessor builder.

From now on, you will be asked to produce a tutorial, the first tool of the builder, “Stone Tsuruhashi”. Tree and stones are required to make vine, so we will collect materials around the workshop. If the material is gathered, access the workbench and craft it safely.

After that, reported to Yang and successfully finished the first quest. After that, I will meet many characters, such as the girl “Jasmine”, the potter’s “Amira”, the Leader of the militia, “Chihon”, which is investigating the ancient civilization while strolling around the city. Interaction with people is an important point of this work.

By the way, when I cut down the cactus with a stone ax at the first quest, I was preached that it violated town ordinance . He was forgiven because he was the first offense, but next time he was warned that he was fine and strict eyes from the people in the city. Speaking of which, Yang said that, but wouldn’t you explain it first!

A sand rock town that suddenly shows a harsh surface on the first day of moving. In this way, the first day of the rookie builder was so joyful and anxious… (unless you cut the tree).

Let’s get along with the residents of Sandrock!

The builder life that started this way. The basic flow of this work is to “receive a request from the residents → delivery and deliver it”, so the request is a main quest with a story, as well as a subquest and commercial guild requested by residents. I am.

There are many shops such as bars, tailors, and blacksmiths in the sand rock town, where you can purchase materials and tools. You can also check the city’s events by purchasing a newspaper. In addition, there are game centers, combat training areas, and drugstores, and unique residents are waiting.

The liking gradually increases through daily conversations, gifts, achievement of requests, and seasonal events. You can get along with the residents and change the relationship to “friends” or “partner”, etc., and you can also receive benefits such as status changes and discounts for shops. Some characters can develop to love by getting closer.

Sandlock life is separated by calendar for 30 days in each season, and various events are prepared for each season. At the event, you can get a dedicated coin through mini-games, etc., and can be exchanged for furniture and costumes. In addition, residents may increase their liking by giving results at the event.

In addition, the rally held by the city hall and church tells you about future policies and events in the city. Most of the rally can be used to gain a good feeling in conversation, so it can be used to deliver it to residents receiving commissions.

Basically, this work is not easy to increase the liking of residents. If you get along with the residents you aim, you need to give a present or concentrate on requests. Indeed, it’s all about cutting trees ignoring the ordinance.

I’m a builder! Manufacturing is the main business!

There are two types of facilities, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi first, is available, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi, and a “one that can be made as soon as the material is made,” and a “one that puts ingredients and wait for completion”. You need to be careful during production, as time-consuming facilities require fuel.

Like the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, there is also a large craft that uses the “assembly station” in the workshop. The material is completed by putting the material into the target item prepared, and most of the production facilities and quest items of this work are completed using the station.

CAN GOLD DEFEAT THE DESERT DEMON? - Desert Skies Gameplay (Raft Clone)
For example, in order to complete the “recycle” facility produced in the quest, a “stone bowl”, “wood”, and “grinding saw” are required. The wood is the same, but the other two must be processed based on the material. Inevitably requires a large amount of ingredients, so when you have plenty of time, collect the minimum material. Production recipes are available at commercial guilds and research centers.

In addition, in this work, water is an essential resource for moving the machine. However, water is valuable in the sand rock, a desert city. The only way to get it is to buy it at the water tower, or to collect the “dew” that can be obtained by destroying grass and stones. By the way, be careful as you get angry when you enter the oasis in the city.

There are many things to collect materials, secure water, and buy recipes. Of course, life will gradually improve as the facilities are enhanced little by little. If you work, the protagonist will level up and improve your abilities, so a steady life will eventually bear fruit.

Adventure in a vast world! Free mining and agriculture

In this open world work, you can explore various areas around you as well as sand rock towns. In the desert, many materials are available and wild creatures inhabit. Some of them are dangerous creatures that attack the hero, so be careful when collecting materials.

By proceeding with the story, new areas such as mining where you can get a large amount of ore and machine parts and areas where monsters are waiting will be opened. The new area also offers new materials and quests, so it is important to make the sand rock life comfortable.

In addition, the protagonist will be able to agriculture in the workshop as farms can be used. It is difficult in the early stages because water is needed for agriculture, but crops are reliable in cooking and gifts. Above all, the “moisture” of increasing green in the desert city is essential for life.

If you make money, it is important to buy and expand the land around the workshop. There are also new livestock huts and shops that allow you to add new livestock huts. This work is very easy to recreate the facility, so you can renovate your house as you want.

Of course, almost all elements introduced so far are never forced. The main quest is basically not fixed, so you can proceed slowly at your own pace. What kind of life to send in sand locks is the player’s freedom. Nevertheless, it is necessary to enhance the facilities while proceeding with the quests.

“Kimi no Machi’s Sandlock” introduced so far. From the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, you can enjoy a fulfilling and fulfilling builder life, including the foundation of craft, etc. Although it is a game that is often done, the difficulty is not too high, and there is no urgent time for the main story.

Immediately after the early access release, reports such as “the load time is too long”, “the game is too heavy”, and “freezing”, but at the time of this article, the patch distribution has been considerably improved. I haven’t had any problems yet since the latest patch, but it has been reported in forums. I also feel that the quality of Japanese translation still needs to be improved.

At the time of early access release, you can experience some of the main stories and basic game play parts. In the future, the main story will be added, the NPC quest will be expanded, new systems and items will be added. The multi-player function is currently under development.

Although it is an early access, there are some unstable parts, but it is a recommended work for players who want to collect materials in the open world world and enjoy manufacturing and interact with NPCs. “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is being distributed early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).

Overall action “Conan Chop Chop” introduction. Cute visuals, bone thickness, rogue light game to become a habit

DMM Games distributes the 2D rounded down action “ Conan CHOP CHOP ” from March 31 to PS4 / Nintendo Switch. This work is a title made of the world of “Heroes Conan”, which is known for “Conan Outcasts”, etc. in the game. This work is characteristic of a pretty visual from the non-bonar image of the Heroes Conan series, but it was possible to felt the glimpse of the world of “Heroes Conan” that killed from bone difficulty. In this paper, based on the PS4 version provided by DMM Games, we will introduce the attractiveness of “Conan Chop CHOP”.

# Movie Overview

This work is a 4D action game with a look-off type. In addition to enjoying any problem even with solo, cooperating play with up to four people can be made available online offline. Localization not only text but also dubbing is also included, and it is possible to make it unexpected to dubber with plenty of humor like Cartoon Anime.

The story is simple. A Mage Tote-Amon, who will be resurrected to the ancient evil existence Zart tan, seeks a contest to the heroes, seeking the heart of the resurrection. The four heroes, including Conan, are tailored to reward and join this contest.

It is Mighty Kingdom based in Australia who worked on this work. Previously, in the studio developed for smartphones, the game for PC / console seems to be the first release. Nevertheless, this work is well operated and the difficulty level setting is also exquisite. It is a solid game that does not feel that it is a title for the first PC / console.

# Bone difficulty level, replayability to become a cache

The biggest attraction of this game is a cute visual and is in the bone difficulty level. If you use Paris and dash attacks according to the enemy’s movement, it will be game over in no time. When the game is over, the capture status is reset and it will be restarted, so if the capture is proceeded, the sense of tension is increased (but the unlock element such as skill distribution is not reset).

At the time of the game starts, the player will choose a character from four people in Conan / Berito / Palangess / Valeria. There are differences in the performance of dash attacks and ultimate capabilities below as well as four people. Since the skill of the skill is divided by four people, it would be nice to decide which character to grow before shaking the skills. For physical strength upskill, you want to get early.

In this work, there are four stages, and the player will capture the stage from the stage of the forest called dark wood. There is a dungeon at the beginning of each stage, and the boss is waiting at the end of the dungeon. The structures in these stages and dungeons are automatically generated, and so-called rogue light systems are employed, including systems where the above-mentioned capture status is reset.

In addition to the stage dungeon of automatic generation, the replay property of this work is high because the equipment available from the shop and the treasure chest is also random. Equipment is five types: weapons / shield / armor / bow / curve. Since a wide variety of buffskills are given to equipment other than curset, chosen will be chosen if you choose according to the combat style. For curves, there are various effects such as summoning a slime that is an allied slime, equipped with an illusion sword that goes around me. Depending on whether you can get any curse on the way, it can be said that the sense of play changes. Such a height of these replays is well engaged with the height of the difficulty level of this work, and has created an interest that becomes a cessed, which makes it possible to retry even if it dies without it.

Simple but deep combat system

From here, let’s introduce the combat system in detail. In the battle of this work, there are various actions such as dash attacks, guards, parari, remote attacks and bombs by dash attacks, guards, parari, and bombs. Cooldown exists for each action other than proximity attack. You need to be careful because it will not be able to use it in an important aspect when used in a long time.

Above all, the use of dash attacks and Paris is important, requiring usage according to the type and number of enemies. In the initial state, there are only three heartbreeding hearts, so if you do not minimize damage by making full use of these actions, it will not even reach the first boss.

Conan Chop Chop: The First Preview

For the physical fitness value by the heart, it changes depending on the type of attack from the enemy. If it is minor damage, one quarter and one damage is 1. A recovery item “Meat” can be carried alone, and one recovery heart is dropped from the enemy. Meat can be purchased at the shop in town and stage, but it is necessary to be careful because it is not sold at small shops in the dungeon.

By storing a gauge surrounding the character icon at the top of the screen, it is possible to activate the altimet capability for each character. Specifically, as follows.

Conan: Add a dash attack gauge to recover when the combat status is enhanced and defeating the enemy
Berito: Damage to all enemies in a specific area with a falling arrow
Palantydes: Huge shockwave, fainting the enemy around and greatly damages
Valeria: Rotate and turn the tornado and damage all the surrounding enemies

Because the gauge is easy to accumulate, you can use the miscellaneous fish opponent without a habit. However, since it does not have any character’s ultimate ability and overwhelming performance, it is prohibited. In particular, in the boss match, it is difficult to carry out a steady basic battle because it is difficult to pass around the altimet capability.

Relief playback by circle play, tips for capture

Somewhat higher difficulty levels are the property of the taste, but remedy measures are also available. For example, even if the game is over, the skill points and steel flakes used for unlocking of the equipment will be carried over. Skill points can be used to talk to the town leader and the steel inflammatory to the blacksmith. The unlocking status of skills and equipment is also not reset by game over. Therefore, even if you are not good at action, if you play repeatedly and unlock your skills and equipment, you will gradually become easier.

In addition, the capture is much stable by increasing the number of heart values. As mentioned earlier, the heart will increase permanently in the acquisition of skills, and the heart will increase. Because the number of hearts granted to the armor is different depending on the case, it may be possible to make the selection of the baffaskill synergy or take the number of hearts. Besides, it would be nice if an item that increases the number of hearts is placed randomly in the stage, so it would be nice to explore the stages carefully before challenging dungeons and bosses.

As a ply of battle that I was playing, I should be aware of other actions and actively use a bomb for forgetting. Bombs have a wide attack range and high damage, so it is effective in either a miscellaneous fish enemy and a boss battle. Some of the curves has increased to two bombs, and it was very powerful to combine with explosion damage up skills such as armor.

In cooperative play that can capture with up to four people, actions that have dotbatators above solo play are unfolded. Unlike solo capture that sweats in hand, this will also be able to enjoy it as a party game. However, since it is still a dangerous game, it is a dangerous game, so if you use meat, you can be a stronger if you equip a party play a curse that the party member recovers.

“Conan Chop CHOP” is a title that can enjoy deep game sex as a simple look. There is an attractiveness to become a habit of bone difficulty prepared for the back of a pretty visual. The height of the replays due to the automatic generation dungeon and the like is also well engaged with the game nature. Therefore, as well as solo capture, it was a game that could continue to play carefully when capturing in cooperation play.

“Conan Chop CHOP” PS4 / Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be delivered on March 31st.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is the highest in history of personal Pokemon. But scared. “Joe Danger Infinity” Reason for revival. Gaming this week

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 321th. January is over.

# Apde app is still

This week ‘Joe Danger Infinity’ played for a long time. It is a stunt action game going on a motorcycle etc. and advancing the stage and won a coin while avoiding obstacles. Aiming for high score and comp is hot. Development source of “No Man’s Sky” This is the initial work of Hello Games, but personally, it is still stronger that the “Joe Danger” series is impressed. It is a work that I loved it.

This work is a work of 2014 delivery, but it was a state that could not be played for a long time by upgrading IOS. That was suddenly updated the other day. And the remaster is also carried out. According to developers, as a hobby project, as a hobby project, from the fan where there is a son of autism that loves autism, it has received an enthusiastic request email that you can not update it again It seems to have advanced a remaster little by little. Good story.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

# Pokemon scary

This week I was playing “Pokémon Legends Alceus”. The authors play “Pokemon” well since 1998 “Pokemon Pikachu” since 1998. At that time, I was addicted to the collection of “Pokemon stamp (post-stamps)” and “Pokemon card game”. However, while playing the memories of “Pokemon” on the chest, I had a adolescent to another game. And, “Pokemon”, who played the reunion for a long time and a long time, peeled and peeled with the fangs.

When I run out of the main field while being excited about the adventure of the “Pokemon” world for the first time in the world, the cute Pokémon will welcome you. In addition to the freshness of action, we will continue to advance the story while raising the tension to the newly encounter of the new friends. “If you are going to jump out of the grass, it’s a way to go out of the grass, etc., and I’m searching for a nostalgic Pokemon. I found a strike that was especially favorites, and it was a bad idea to approach as a beard. A sharp blade that seems to be two people, such as humans, was swayed to cut off me.

If you think, is it a vulnerable creature? What is a horrible creature with Pokemon? Thanks to the actionality, Pokemon’s dangers are quite realistic. It is said that the day to shout “Death!” In “Pokemon” comes. It seems that it will enjoy exciting and fresh and nostalgic experiences.
by. seiji Narita

# Pokemon Description is also good

I am immersed in “Pokémon Legends Alceus”. I did not think that it would be like this. It is very interesting. Speaking of “Pokemon” main story game, I thought it was unchanged. The new Pokemon and the new gimmick, etc., but the root does not change. I encountered Pokemon and switch the screen, damage and catch it. Grow and battle with the trainer on the roadside. Although I enjoyed such a stream, I felt redundancy in the process.

“Pokémon Legends Alceus” has significantly renewed such fundamental systems. You don’t have to fight in the first place, and you don’t have to fight, and the battle is also light. As the experience value is growing more and more by catching Pokemon, the tempo has been abundant. The vast field has a variety of Pokemon and Items, which is rich in craft systems and quests, so the field search motivation is also sufficient. There are many small goal settings and their achievements are fun, so I can not find it easily.

To be honest, “Pokemon” main story was considered to continue classic, so it’s just a challenge heart of this work. In recent years, we studied the challenges of “Pokemon” main story, and consider how to make use of the attraction of Pokémon. If it is a work that was born, I’m very happy to be able to play. There is also a low expectation value, but I am making it an ambitious and I like the highest level in the series history. A game freak that made me well.
by. ayuo kawase

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